Climate Change – Fake News

How To Survive Chemtrails – Ken Rohla Ken Rohla discusses how to recover from a toxic world filled with GMO foods, chem trails, WiFi, and Geo-engineering. How’s your diet? This was filmed at The Free Your Mind Conference

North Korea Threat – False Flag & Fake News

Kevin Shipp a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. This documentary is a very important public awareness event that was held in California, Mr. Shipp gave an extremely informative and compelling presentation on numerous horrific historic and ongoing government crimes. The subjects Kevin Shipp … Read more

Malwarebytes News – 05/05/2017

Why you don’t need 27 different passwords Password security: it’s one of the most exhausting endeavors for anyone on the Internet trying to do, well, anything. It can’t be too short, it has to have special characters and numbers and capitals, you can’t repeat it between accounts, you shouldn’t write it down, and now you … Read more

Your ISP, browsing history, and what to do about it

In late March, Congress approved a bill lifting restrictions imposed on ISPs last year concerning what they could do with information such as customer browsing habits, app usage history, location data, and Social Security numbers. They additionally absolved ISPs of the need to strengthen their existing customer data holdings against hackers and thieves. For more … Read more

Steam spammers have a night at the movies

Users of gaming platform Steam have the ability to upload images from games, post messages, and more besides, into their social network stream. They also have the option to upload game-related artwork. Spammers occasionally make use of this feature to sling some spam at the gaming masses. We’ve spotted one such example in the wild, in the … Read more

Websites compromised in ‘Decimal IP’ campaign

When looking at malicious traffic, one of the things we are interested in are the hosts involved in a particular attack. For example, we check the hostnames or IP addresses that were serving up malicious code. Before getting further, let’s define a few concepts to better understand the topic we are discussing today. A host name can … Read more